Founded by a group of people having a strong love for music and earbuds, we have been looking for a place where the earbud lovers can find themselves qualified sound providing devices. After a long time doing researches and developing required supplements, we are excited to introduce you Justearbud. On Justearbud, you can find earbuds that meet your requirements for quality as well as designs of all kinds and all types. The special thing is that all the earbuds we bring you have been tried and tested by our staffs, so you can trust them in quality and listening experience.

Why we choose earbuds to be our very first products?

First of all, we focus on their portability. You can bring them every time and everywhere, connect easily with your phones, your laptops and they are surreptitious enough to wear out in public. The second thing is that they are style and colourful. This makes you easy to express your personality through the earbuds you are wearing. Last but not least, they are more affordable than headphones but with approximately the same sound quality. Of course, there are still some disadvantages such as no sound isolation or hearing loss, the earbuds still have their outstanding advantage that makes many people interested in them.

It’s a great honour for Justearbuds to be the sole distributor of Simphonio – an earbud brand which has achieved popularity among earbuds manufacturers. In the beginning, we bring you 2 products of Simphonio: Dragon 2+ and Dragon 3. Especially, Simphonio Dragon 2+ has achieved “Best earbuds of the year 2018” in Headphonia Award. Therefore, Dragon 2+ is promised to bring you the listening experience that will satisfy all your requirements.

We hope you will enjoy your time with what we bring you in the most satisfying way.

From Justearbuds with love